Welcome to the Woods Bay Grill!

The Woods Bay Grill is a family-owned restaurant located in the scenic and beautiful Flathead Valley.

In 2004, a small restaurant went up for sale in the outskirts of Bigfork, Montana. Terry Browning and Margaret Davis took it into their hands to make a restaurant that reminded them of home. In 2005, Terry's daughter Leslie came to help the business grow and prosper.

At the Woods Bay Grill, your meals are cooked right in front of you. Our grill makes everything from delicious, hand-pressed Beef Burgers to Bacon and Eggs. Our soups- Creamy tomato, Clam chowder, Chicken noodle, and more- are served on cold Winter days, while in the Summer we offer delicious Potato salad and Macaroni salad.

Our award-winning jam comes in many flavors, and all are made from scratch. All the pies are baked just the way Grandma used to and in many flavors, from the all-season Lemon Meringue and Coconut Cream to seasonal Rhubarb, Apple, and Cherry.

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